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China vs LMS Game 5 | Grand Finals of LoL 2017 All Star | LPL All-Stars vs LMS All-Stars G5

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LMS vs LPL G5. China vs LMS Game 5 final lol esports All-Stars 2017. League of Legends All-Stars 2017 VOD.
2017 All-Star full playlist:
League of Legends S7 International All-Star Event - Finals.
Fifth match of the day - LPL vs LMS best of 5 Game 5. China vs LMS.

LMS Line-up:
Top - Ziv Maokai
Jungle - Karsa Kha'Zix
Mid - FoFo Azir
ADC - BeBe Jhin
Support - SwordArt Tahm Kench

LPL Line-up:
Top - 957 Shen
Jungle - Mlxg Jarvan IV
Mid - Xiye Syndra
ADC - Uzi Ezreal
Support - Meiko Alistar

Patch: 7.23 - Season 7 (Zoe enabled)
Game date: 10.12.2017 | 12/10/2017 | December 10th 2017
Game place: NA LCS Battle Arena
Casters: Deficio, Zirene and Rivington

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