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KDM vs BBQ Game 3 | Week 1 Day 3 S8 LCK Spring 2018 | Kongdoo Monster vs BBQ Olivers G3 1080p

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BBQ vs KDM G3 lck Spring 2018 W1D3! BBQ Olivers vs Kongdoo Monster Game 3 LoL eSports lck Korea Spring 2018.
LoL eSports Season 8 of LCK Champions Korea Spring 2018 - BBQ Olivers vs Kongdoo Monster Game 3 | KDM vs BBQ Week 1 Day 3 LCK VOD 2018 1080p quality.
League of Legends LCK Champions Korea Season 8 (2018) Spring.
Third match of the day - Kongdoo Monster vs BBQ Olivers best of 3 game 3. BBQ vs KDM G3.

Kongdoo Monster Line-up:
Roach - Top Ornn
U Jun - Jungle Jarvan IV
Edge - Mid Ryze
SSol - ADC Tristana
Secret - Support Taric

BBQ Olivers Line-up:
Crazy - Top Gangplank
Trick - Jungle Kha'Zix
Tempt - Mid Malzahar
Ghost - ADC Caitlyn
Ignar - Support Alistar

Patch: 8.1 - Season 8
Game date: 18.01.2018 | 01/18/2018 | January 18th 2018
Game place: Seoul, South korea
Casters: Papasmithy and Atlus

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