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Liquid vs Phoenix1 Game 4 | Round 2 Promotion/Relegation S7 NA LCS Summer 2017 | TL vs P1 G4 1080p

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P1 vs TL - game 4 promotion tournament round 2. Season 7 NA Challenger Series Summer 2017 - Phoenix1 vs Liquid | TL vs P1 NACS G4 | Liquid vs Phoenix1 G4 NACS HD VOD
S7 NACS Summer 2017 playlist:
Fourth match of the day - Phoenix1 vs Liquid best of 5 game 4.
TL vs P1 G4 full game in HD 1080p.

Team Liquid Line-up:
Lourlo - Top Shen
Dardoch - Jungle Rek'Sai
Mickey - Mid Cassiopeia
Piglet - ADC Caitlyn
Matt - Support Lulu

Phoenix1 Line-up:
Zig - Top Maokai
MikeYeung - Jungle Nidalee
Ryu - Mid Corki
Arrow - ADC Kalista
Xpecial - Support Braum

Patch: 7.15 - Season 7
Game date: 12.08.2017 | 08/12/2017 | August 12th 2017
Game place: Kobe and Phreak

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