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Phoenix1 vs CLG | Game 3 S7 NA LCS Summer 2017 Week 3 Day 3 | P1 vs CLG G3 W3D3

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CLG vs P1 NA LCS Week 3 Day 3 - nalcs2 CLG vs Phoenix1 game 3 lol eSports NA LCS Summer 2017.
LoL eSports S7 NA LCS Summer 2017 - Phoenix1 vs CLG Game 3 | League of Legends NA LCS 2017 CLG vs P1 G3 VOD 1080p Full HD.
S7 NA LCS Summer 2017 Week 3 playlist:
Third match of Stream 2 - CLG vs Phoenix1 best of 3 Game 3.
P1 vs CLG G3 full game in HD 1080p.

Phoenix1 Line-up:
Zig - Top Renekton
MikeYeung - Jungle Lee Sin
Ryu - Mid Taliyah
Arrow - ADC twitch
Xpecial - Support Tahm Kench

Counter Logic Gaming Line-up:
Darshan - Top Fiora
Dardoch - Jungle Gragas
Huhi - Mid LeBlanc
Stixxay - ADC Varus
Aphromoo - Support Braum

Patch: 7.11 - Season 7
Game date: 18.06.2017 | 06/18/2017 | June 18th 2017
Game place: NA LCS Battle Theatre
Casters: Captain Flowers and Zirene

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