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DRIVE: Goldenglue | Presented by Honda (2020)

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Riot Games and Honda are proud to partner and bring these highly personal stories of passion and determination of the biggest LCS stars to fans around the globe.

From Texas high school football to the LCS, Greyson Gilmer, better known as Goldenglue, has been fighting for his spot for a long, long time. Playing behind a future NFL tight end in Kaden Smith, Goldenglue developed a resilience that has come to define his journey beyond the game of football. Since leaving Texas to join the LCS in 2014, Goldenglue has bounced around the league, playing for more than a dozen teams in just seven years. Throughout his career, he has been benched, replaced or dropped too many times to count. Yet, despite all that adversity, Goldenglue has never given up hope that if he just keeps working harder, he can find a place for himself in the league.

Now with a starting spot on Golden Guardians, Goldenglue looks to capitalize on the work he’s been putting in all these years. It’s the next step in a long journey; and with Spring Finals coming to Texas, it’s a chance to bring that journey home.

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Portions of this video were supplied by Gridironfilmspro, JLitt, and Sports Stars of Tomorrow.

“Off The Ground” by The Record Company

“Father’n Song Blues” by Christian Lancry and Manuel Galvin

“The Heart of a Champion” by Gina Brigida

“Dirty Pecos Motel Blues” by Pake Rossi

“All The Trouble” by Lee Ann Womack

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