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Play-In Draw Show | 2019 Mid-Season Invitational

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As we crown new split champions around the globe, the 10 teams who will face off in the Play-In Stage of the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) are being locked.

The Play-In Stage is the first stage of MSI, played before the Group Stage. Teams will be split into two groups of four, where they will play a double round-robin phase. The 10 regional teams will include:

- CBLOL's INTZ - Brazil (BR)
- LCL's Vega Squadron - Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
- LJL's DetonatioN FocusMe - Japan (JPN)
- LLA's (TBD) - Latin America (LATAM) (Qualifier on 4/20)
- LCS's Team Liquid - North America (NA) - First round bye, starts in Play-In Knockout Stage
- OPL's Bombers - Oceania (OCE)
- LST's (TBD) - Southeast Asia (SEA) (Qualifier 4/20)
- TCL's 1907 Fenerbahce Espor - Turkey (TUR)
- LMS's (TBD) - Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (LMS) (Qualifier on 4/20) - First round bye, starts in Play-In Knockout Stage
- VCS's Phong Vu Buffalo - Vietnam (VN)

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