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The Queue | Pobelter - It felt like a win-win to me, joining CLG.

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This week Dash is Queued up with Pobelter off the back of his 1-1 weekend to talk about his return to the LCS.

00:00 - Intro
01:12 - Pobelter’s origin story
02:51 - Transitioning from smaller tournaments to bigger tournaments
03:53 - Pobelter’s young age and trying to join a pro team
06:20 - Pobelter’s skill at League such a young age
09:00 - Being a seasoned veteran now and gaining perspective
09:51 - Pobelter’s career and his expectations vs reality
12:08 - What would Pobelter have studied if he wasn’t playing League professionally
14:45 - Pobelter running cross country in High School
17:15 - Does Pobelter still run or keep up with any physical activity?
17:45 - Life as a Pro Player and schedule
18:55 - Pobelter learning on his off-time
20:49 - From starting Mid-laner to Assistant Coach on Team Liquid
31:22 - When CLG reached out to Pobelter
33:26 - Pobelter bringing a frank perspective to help CLG
35:35 - Does Pobelter feel any pressure to turn around CLG?
37:41 - What is considered a successful spring split to Pobelter?
39:20 - What does Pobelter need to achieve to put a cap on his career?
40:50 - Pobelter on motivation


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