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CLG's Nick Allen on NA LCS franchising, leaving CS:GO and why net neutrality is crucial to esports

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Nick Allen, Counter Logic Gaming COO and Madison Square Garden Company's head of esports, joins theScore esports Podcast to talk about Counter Logic Gaming’s future in the NA LCS, shed light on why CLG (mostly) dropped out of Counter-Strike and explains why MSG sees a long-term future in esports.

4:45 Nick Allen on the NA LCS franchise application process
10:02 How crucial was MSG to making it into the NA LCS?
27:07 What does success for CLG look like, beyond simply winning?
14:15 What does esports need MSG for?
18:56 Why esports could be bigger than traditional sports in 20 years
32:04 Why did CLG leave Counter-Strike?
39:45 Why net neutrality is important for esports

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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