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What's the Esport ?

Esport, what's it ?

The Esport, which is also known as E-sports, Electronic sports or competitive games, what is it? We will try to present as simply as possible what eSports is. The eSport is a form of competition that takes place in the world of video games, usually with online games, it is composed of teams and professionals players or not. The main kind of games that are currently ready to esport are RTS (starcraft for example), real-time strategy games, versus fighting game (Street Fighter and others), FPS (Counter Strike Go ) or MOBA (League of Legends).

Esport is a kind of competition on video games with pro or non pro players.

Esport What is it

What are some esports ?

As seen in the previous paragraph eSports therefore is a form of competition happens on video games, see here some examples of Esports competitions. One of the biggest Esport competition is the Worlds Championship of League Of Legends corresponding world championship soccer in the traditional sport. This Esport competition gathered the best League of Legends teams from each continent at the end of the regular season in each area the best 2 teams are refereed. The last Worlds League of Legends are those dated 2016 that took place during the month of October 2016 and who saw the SK Telecom T1 won the sacred title for the second time in a row, the team and players pocketing more than a million awards. Of coure there are competitions for eSports in many games include such major competitions for eSports The Internationnal on the game DOTA 2 The Evolution Championship Series on Fighting games versus the Intel Extreme Masters at CS Go especially .

For exemple, this is the first game of the Grand Finals of Worlds 2016 for League of Legends, with SKT T1 vs Samsung Galaxy :

is E sport a sport ?

THE big question about eSports, is that it's a sport? According to the definition of sport is an activity that involves physical effort and / or mind which is governed by rules, he practiced both in individual or team. With this definition eSports IS a sport, indeed eSports players can practice alone or in teams, eg on Starcraft there are a large number of individual competitions, but also team competitions. Biensur the point of dispute concerns the physical or mental part of the sport, but when you look good esports primarily involve the brain, reflexes and the upper body.

E-sport is a sport ?

Indeed even if it may seem low eSports players use their upper body, whether is be back for holding, arms and hands to control play, or a tennis or football player uses a lot his muscles but for a relatively short duration, less than 2 hours, it is not uncommon to see of eSports players practicing for almost 10 hours a day. Far from the image that traditional media can or could give players of video games, we quickly tend to compare two things that are not, are put to one side a player like Christiano Ronaldo for the sport and a player lambda see caricature for video games. The real difference here between sport and eSports is the level of professionalism. Indeed in the traditional sport of professional structures with large means employed to maintain their players are far from the particular player, amateur playing in her room. Taking the professional structures of Esport as SKT T1, TSM, fnatic's players esports also pay attention to their lifestyle and their musculature. Besides it is not rare to find players esports with injuries that keep them from their training ground just like a traditional sports

Now take some exemples with somes pro players and look what they think about their pro players life :

This shows that eSports everything to be the sport at the level of at least definitions. For public understanding of the concept of eSports must remain separate sports

Are video games a sport ?

Asking the question is what video games are a sport like asking if football is a sport. Indeed we have seen that according to the definition of sport, sport or Electronic eSports meets the same criteria, video games are the medium in which the player plays eSports, so video games are a sport.

Esport video games

How can i join esports ?

To join eSports is simple, playing your favorite game and performing above you will be spotted by a club of eSports directly or by making you know to the community by streaming your games, for example. We often think a professional when it comes to eSports, but in the same way that in football there are not that professional players who play football, games of Sundays between friends are also sports. In the case of eSports, the parties between friends are also eSports, but amateur, far from the issues of professional eSports or coach is to help you perform at the highest level. In the end to join eSports, continuing to play your favorite games and have fun with it ;)